[Coven's Night] LoD 1.07 Release

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[Coven's Night] LoD 1.07 Release

Post by Fawahar » Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:43 pm

Good day to all!

I am about to present the next project I am starting to work upon and evolve.

Since serval years I have the fascination of a specific Diablo 2 patch - that would be the 1.07 one.

I find it extremely fun, grotesque and totally entropic, to the point of realisation, that "the game itself" does not matter any bit. Instead it's all a conversation between the player and the creator. So much crafted with carelessness and abundant of flaws, this patch soon turned to be my "forever and one". That brought me into the digging of info and trying to improve it's potency without harming the so much genuine spirit of the patch.

Want to know more about 1.07!? (Please check here)

So years later is born:
Coven's Night
Mod aimed to add natural progression into the 1.07 patch and extend its playability, but only within the borders set by the patch style itself.
DOWNLOAD Coven's Night1.0beta
The most notable changes are:
-Enabling 200+ crafting recipes (See Crafting list here) (If you need Item Codes check here)
-Enabling 22 Runewords in Single Player (See list of Runewords here)
-Adding 250+ Carefully Crafted Affixes
-Adding 71 New Elite Unique Items
-Adding 1 New Item Set
-Rebalancing Experience
-Rebalancing Hirelings

As you might see the, the changes are not many in number, nonetheless, they are carefully chosen with the sole purpose of making the 1.07 patch even greater.

For the install of the mod you will need a clean 1.07 diablo 2. Extract and replace in your game directory. With the beta there will be a test character available as well.

Thank you for your time and interest!
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