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      0.2.7 is live!

      What is Paradox?



      Version Archive

      Online Documentation
      (Offline documentation can be found in the mod folder as well)

      Latest patch notes



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    • Introduction of Treasure Goblin Plugin

      Hello, I am Nizari and I'v been reading Phrozen Keep regularly since about 10 years. Somewhere at the end of 2017, I have joined the Discord channel, promising myself to register on the forum too at some point. In december I have asked Jetaman if he would be able to rip Treasure Goblin animations from Diablo 3. I always wanted to implement these exciting monsters in the mod I'm working on since years, also, I always wanted to release some nice public plugin, to give something from me to the community, which would be useful for other modders. Jetaman has agreed on helping to achieve this together. All those things gave me a perfect opportunity/reason to register on the forum and great material for the plugin.
      The first animations we had were looking like this:
      Additionally, the death animation has been completly broken and unable to be ripped.
      Not long after, with my suggestion of merging D2's red portal animation with the goblin, Jetaman did this fantastic thing:
      We had all the animations ready. I have also succesfully implemented it into the game and configured everything. At this moment 2 problems occured: how to make the portal animation transparent and how to make the goblin truly and permanently dissapear after he "runs away" through his portal (believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds). Thanks to Necrolis, who has taught me...

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    • Eastern Sun Rises Beginnings

      About half a year ago I started to share my modifications I made for Eastern Sun. I began with little fixes and the Gold pickup.dll. I continued to fix bugs and balance a few things. I also introduced new items and replaced many item graphics. Not all of these changes were well received by all players. I remember discussions in a length the ES Subforum hasnt seen in a long time. Back then I decided to change the name to Eastern Sun Rises to cut short all those discussions whether it's still an unofficial patch or an independent mod. As a result Eastern Sun Rises yet again, like a phönix out of the ashes.
      Around that time we started tou use discord and what can I say, it has been a blast. Since then about every other day new people join us to play some ES again and talk about old times. ESR as it is began to grow, not comparable to mods like Path of Diablo or Resurgence, but for ES itself quite a lot. We continued to add QoL features like Bufficons and the possibility to dye your equipment as you want. You might have noticed that I spoke of us. Back then aught/mak, thaison and sky aka max joined to devteam to help out here and there. Without the help of mnw1995 and dav92 that wouldnt have been possible either. Another shout out to Ogodei and Spike who helped me on many small things that I cant count anymore.
      Most of you have noticed for sure,...

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    • Go to last post by Volf on Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:58 pm in Member news

      Id like to remind everyone that this member news forum is open for anyone to post their own quick news. News posted here will display on the main page aka news portal next to the old staff crafted keep updates.
      Posts here require approval and comments are disabled due to a core bug in the latest phpBB version (that will be fixed at some point). Other than that, been busy fixing bugs ad tweaking things here and there. Meanwhile ↓

      Ogodei Earned a tutor badge.

      Last 3 people to receive the Like a Boss Flair were Yohann, kingpin and Necrolis
      More about badges here

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    • Go to last post by Volf on Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:12 pm in Member news

      Some screenshots picked from the gallery.
      220 303 229

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  • Staff news

    • As Blizzard fans it's exciting weekend with Blizzcon running. The opening ceremony was very strong. The best Blizzcon opening in my eyes. Before we get into Blizzcon news we will start with other news.

      It Lurks Below News:
      Buy the game and support the continue developement here


      Since the free badland content update it lurks below have got several patches released, you can see patchlog here

      There is an ongoing halloween event running currently. that will last for a few weeks. For limited of time you can get your halloween diablo 2 costume, with the plumpkin pet, next to the jack o' lantern.


      Diablo 2 News:

      D1 Tristram in D2 Style Map by leekun. You can find it here

      D2 Oil Paint Filtered + Sharpening Tiles by leekun. You can find it here

      New Mod releases
      The Sh*tfest Mod by Lady Isabelle. You can find it here

      Paradox Mod announce by Lady Isabelle and Ogodei. This is a new mod in work, that also have got its own forum here at keep, you find the forum here.

      here is a first demo from the mod that shows a brand new runeword ability check it out here.

      We have also got some exclusive screenshots for the news:


      Then will it be released? A first alpha version will be coming soon. Keep an eye on news and the mods forum.

      Blizzcon News:
      There have been 4 reveals in opening ceremony: Diablo 4, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Overwatch 2 and next...

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      Buy the game and support the continue developement here

      A new patch is released to It Lurks Below. Game created by diablo creator David Brevik.

      Patch notes for v1.01a

      Welcome to the Badlands!

      - There is a new region of the world called Badlands. Once you kill the Prince of Annihilation, you will get a quest to start your journey to the Badlands. Travel to the Badlands and help save our Ogre friends from the demon onslaught!
      - You now have a choice of race when creating a character. You can choose Ogre or Human. Each race has some advantages.
      - A new building, Town Hall, has been added. This is unlocked after you kill The Tentacle of It. Once built, you can talk to the mayor and mark this town as the account-wide town. All other newly created characters and existing characters can start or transfer to the town.
      - There is a new upgrade for the bank sold at the General store. If you have an account-shared-town, you can buy the upgrade and create a shared vault. These inventory locations are account wide. You can transfer items between characters using this shared vault.
      - Some items have become bound to your character, meaning they can't be placed in the shared vault.
      - Most items have a level requirement now
      - At character experience levels 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100, you get a key to unlock one bound item on your character. This allows you to unlock your...

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    • Happy New Year!
      Its new year for those following the Gregorian calendar, and to start it off, we have a bevy of news, mod releases, modding goodies and interesting sights to cheer you up from the post-party blues! So grab your shovels, and lets get digging...

      Community News
      Phrozen Keep Discord
      The Phrozen Keep Discord, hosted by HarvestWombs has been growing from strength to strength. We have almost 200 members, and have recently added new features such a voice channel and the Horadric Casino. Discord is one of the best ways to interact with the community, show your mod, or ask for help.
      Join the Phrozen Keep Discord now!

      Site Updates
      We are always looking for ways to improve the Phrozen Keep to better serve the community, as such, we have appointed three new Senior Moderators: HarvestWombs, Nizari & Ogodei. They have already been hard at work cleaning the forums from spam and updating various bits of the site.
      Our new Moderators have spent quite a bit of time cleaning up our file guides and tutorials in the Knowledge Base. If you find any articles that are either improperly formatted, missing content, incorrect or down-right broken, please report it to them. Additionally, if you find any broken links in the file center, please report them to any of the Admins or Moderators.
      We also encourage users to write and submit new articles for the Knowledge Base, doing so will...

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    • It's spare time between news, but this is somethings that is going to be change for 2019!

      This time its a short news to promote a game that is not diablo. But, this is diablo related afterwards!

      I have been playing a new game in developement called It Lurks Below. This game is developed by David Brevik who made our belowed games Diablo 1 and Diablo 2.

      We have long time discussed and planned to start support other games. So, today we have opened up a new forum called "Other Games" and the first game to be added to this section is It Lurks Below.

      You can find it here

      It Lurks Below is an action-oriented, survival RPG in a randomly generated world. Fight through the massive underground dungeon, customize your character with random items and find out what evil lurks below.


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    • WE ARE BACK!

      Welcome everyone to the first new Keep news post in a very long time! Thankfully it won't take as long for the next news post. We have some very exciting things planned for the Keep in the coming months, and we look forward to sharing them with you guys as they are ready.

      First thing is first, you might have noticed the site looks a tad newer! This is because Volf has completely redone the Keep from the ground up! Working tirelessly over the past few weeks, Volf has redone the forums, the File Center and the Knowledge Base. From All the Staff and Users of the Keep, I would like to extend a massive "Thank You" to Volf for all his continued work and effort on the Keep for its hosting and always being there to keep it running!

      With there being a totally new platform for the Keep, we have some really cool new features for everyone, and are planning to add more. Some of the current new bells and whistles include:
      • Performance! The Keep is now running a lot faster than it used to, with fewer timeout and posting errors.
      • Flairs & Badges: Ogodei was the first keeper to earn a Tutor badge. We will be awarding this badge to users that contribute back to the community through posts and tutorials. There will be more badges coming in future! Some may have also noticed the "Forum Regular" user group too, which we have a few plans for, there is also a badge for mod...

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