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posted by onyx


You thought that I forgot about Inventharia, didn't you? In fact, I was quite busy with it, because of the size of the item pack that I'm presenting today...

This time it's the gigantic item pack by taarna23. The beast took lots of time to prepare, but it's finally on the site. And it was worth it, as the pack contains some really amazing graphics for your mod's beauty! You can find it on the top row of the inventory as usual.

The new pack:

  • Taarna's Item Pack

I hope the next packs won't be that hard to convert, so I can update the site more often. See you!

posted by onyx

Hi everybody, the new update is here!

Two new item packs are awaiting you in the inventory. This week it's the combined effort of Kraj and Jbouley, as well as a potion pack from the Phrozen Keep. Go view them and choose your item graphics! You can find them on the top row of the inventory as usual.

This week's packs:

  • Phrozen Keep Potion Pack
  • Kraj-JBouley Item Pack

Expect more great inventory graphics next time!

posted by onyx

New week, new update.

This week I finished ShadowTalon's packs on the Keep. There were two of them left and here they are:

The packs this week:

  • ShadowTalon's Item Pack 3
  • ShadowTalon's Item Pack 4

See you next time with more item packs ready for review.

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