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posted by onyx


After a long delay due to me having problems, I got back to Inventharia updating. I plan to speed up and do the remaining item packs on the Phrozen Keep in the next weeks, but who knows what would happen, so I won't make any promises.

Anyway, this week I have one new pack to offer. It's the Phrozen Keep Rune Pack, and as the name says, it contains rune graphics. Different shapes, different colors - the choice is all yours.

Here it is:

  • Phrozen Keep Rune Pack

I also did an older news page to store previous updates and keep the current news page clean. See you next time!

posted by onyx

Hello again,

Here I go with the new update on Inventharia.

This time I have 3 new item packs to present, but don't let me fool you - they are all very small. First, the amulet item pack by Kyrene, which contains only 8 amulet graphics, but all very nice. And next - two of the Shadowtalon's item packs - one containing general armor images, second containing gems.

Here they are:

  • Kyrene's Amulet Pack
  • Shadowtalon's Item Pack 1
  • Shadowtalon's Item Pack 2
Hope you will enjoy them!

NOTE to self: make a news archive page...

posted by onyx


The new update is here!

Stargazer's Item Pack is finally done, it really took very long time. At last you can find it in the inventory.

The new pack this week:

  • Stargazer's Item Pack
Take your time to browse this really big item pack and choose the graphics you want.

See you next week with more item graphics!

posted by onyx


Once again Inventharia gets a poor update due to me not having enough time...

And once again, I have only one plugin to offer. Just as a hint for the next week or maybe the week after next, I have started working on the enormous image pack by Stargazer79. I don't know how long it will take me to finish it, because it's really gigantic.

Anyway, what's new this week:

  • Riparious' Graphicspack
Have fun!

I will hopefully see you next week.

posted by onyx

Hi again,

Once again I managed to find some time for Inventharia and here is the update with one week delay.

This time I only had time for one item pack. Real life is pressing me hard lately, so don't expect gigantic updates anytime soon. But, I'll try to do regular updates - even if they are small like this one.

The plugin this week:

  • Phrozen Keep Item Pack 1
As usual, you can find it on top of the inventory.

See you next week.

posted by onyx

Hello people,

It's time to bring you the next update.

I continue the posting of the older inventory item packs available. This week I could only finish two of them, but I have been busy, so bear with me.

Here is what I have to offer:

  • Riparious Item Pack 1
  • Riparious Item Pack 2
Hopefully I'll have some more time next week to bring you more item packs.

Until then.

posted by onyx

Hi everybody,

Another week - another update.

Some important information: as some of the item packs on the site are very old, the listed sites or e-mail adresses in the readme files might not be available anymore. I removed the uncorrect links from Joel's readme, but there may be more. The best way to contact the author is in the Phrozen Keep.

This said, let's see what's new this week:

  • Jbouley and om Item Pack 1
  • Jbouley and om Item Pack 2
  • Jbouley and om Item Pack 3
As you can see, I try to post the older packs first, mainly because I want to bring them to life again.

Expect more next week.

posted by onyx

Hello again,

A new update is ready to be posted on Inventharia.

But first - let me explain how to find what's new. It's simple - the newest item packs posted will always be on the top row of the inventory. This means that the oldest packs will be on the bottom. It's easy, right?

This week I have five item packs to offer:

  • Joel's Item Pack 1
  • Joel's Item Pack 2
  • Joel's Item Pack 3
  • Joel's Item Pack 4
  • Joel's Item Pack 5
They took a while, but they are ready for browsing now.

That's all for this week, see you soon!

posted by onyx

Hi folks,

Welcome to the new and shiny item site of the Phrozen Keep - Inventharia. I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find something useful.

This is the first news item, so I'll try to give you an idea about what are the aims of the site. We all know how boring it is when we need an item graphic and have to download pack after pack from the Keep and search for hours in them to find it. Fear not, this is the main goal of Inventharia - to show you the contents of every item pack found in the File Center. With one click you can see what's inside the archive and download it only if it contains an image that you want.

It will take time until I manage to complete a gallery picture of all the item packs, but it's a start. I have three packs to offer for the first week:

  • Jblouley's Item Pack 1
  • Jblouley's Item Pack 2
  • Jblouley's Item Pack 3
Just open the inventory and check what's inside them.

See you next week!