D2 scrabble a mod for diablo II


The latest unreleased version of the mod was released due to multiple requests over the years and as i figured out a way to recover the mod and part of the documentation i figured why not. That being said i promise no support nor bug fixing.

MOD Title: D2 Scrabble Forgotten realms (d2se mod for windows)
MOD Author: volf (N/A) https://d2mods.info/forum/subsite/d2scrabble/
MOD Version: 7

D2 Scrabble is a diablo2 expansion mod for 1.10 patch.
The mod ads letter items that allow you to form words in the horadric cube - Press transmute and the words become reality.
Well That was the basic idea but eventually the mod evolved in to a total conversion mod with loads of news skills, allot added to the world, high res, firearms, cars, horse riding, modern cities etc.

There are tons of changes in this mod
- Ever found and dumped a lousy item with with + 1 + to a character skill. Well in d2 scrabble you can get a skill extractor, extract the + to x skill then transfer it to your favorite weapon.
- Tons of new weapons and armors.
- A whole bunch of new runewords in addition to the vanilla ones.
- New gems in addition to the vanilla ones.
- Additional armor and weapon grades.
- Higher resolution.
- New sub quests.
- Npcs now pay allot more for items sold
- Characters start with cube
- Max Character level is 410
- Realm only runewords are enabled.
- You earn 10 stat points per level
- Stamina drain is greatly reduced, meaning you can keep running around until your sick of it!
- Mana recovery is 5 times faster than normal
- belt, gloves, charms, amulets, rings, bolts and arrows can have sockets
- Throwing potions stack up to 500
- Item compressor - pack any item in to 1x1 size container.
- Gem bag - A gembag has been added - sold by Akara
- Letter bag - A bag to store letters in - sold by Akara
- Rune bag - A bag to store runes in - sold by Akara
There are loads of other changes to but these should be the essentials!
You can also check the changelog for more details.

ps if you found this mod on moddb go ahead and click the little report button over there. No rights to publish on moddb have been granted Image