Making runewords in oversocketed items.

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Making runewords in oversocketed items.

Post by shawnmick » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:20 am

hi i have done some research and can't seem to find anyting on this topic. im trying to make any runeword function and add the stats as soon as its finished regardless of the amount of sockets on the item. EXE if you put enigma into a 4 socketed chest item soon as you put the ber in it would apply the runeword affixes and leave one socket open for anything like jewel gem or rune. also id like to make it so that runewords can be created in unique items.
Thanks in advance for any advice code help or general good wishes that are commented below :)

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Re: Making runewords in oversocketed items.

Post by Necrolis » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:41 am

The runewords in any quality has been posted before (its a simple switch jump table), just be warned that it can cause issues, especially in set items.

As for allowing runewords to complete before the sockets are used up, you'd need to update the item socketing evaluator to allow for this, not a monumental task, but will require some code knowledge. Under 1.10, you can look at:

Code: Select all

	Date: Thu Oct 29 09:10:38 2009
	Author: Necrolis
	Function: ITEMSOCKET_PlaceItem
	Address: D2Game.0x6FC497E0

BOOL __fastcall ITEMSOCKET_PlaceItem(D2GameStrc* pGame, D2UnitStrc* pPlayer, DWORD dwGemGUID, DWORD dwItemGUID, BOOL* bPlaced, DWORD dw1, DWORD dw2, DWORD dw3)
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